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"Take Control of iBooks Author,  version 1.0,  by Michael E. Cohen; Edited by Tonya Engst;  TidBITS Publishing

Michael E. Cohen started working on a project that started Voyager Expanded Books in the 1990's.  When that slowed down, they didn't can the project.  Kindle came out 10 years later and revamped the project.  He wrote the user guide for Voyager Expanded Books, and now he has written the book Take Control of iBooks Author, version 1.0.  With this book he is trying to show an average Joe how to make an e-book.  He has step by step instructions on how to use and publish your book. He started work developing instructional software in the 1970's.  He found the first university computer center for humanities in
the 1980's also. 

This book is very informative.  It is in a language even the youngest person can understand. It was step by step, and I couldn't put it down.  I told myself that if I had a Mac I would go ahead and put it to use. So in all reality I really like this book.  I would recommend it to every one. My husband is an IT student.  He needs to have a look at it himself.  If I had the opportunity I
would write an e-book.  There is some really cool things this program can do.  It is a very detailed user guide.  There are a few cons to the software mentioned in this book.  It is only available on Mac operating systems.  It is time consuming to use the software, but what book isn't when being written?  I have gotten alot out of this book.  It tells you how to Understand the format, planning and writing your book, to study aids and publishing.  So if you have the time, and the right operating system give it a go, I know I will.  I give it a rating of 10 stars on my scale. 

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from O'Reilly Media for this review.  The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my own honest judgement.

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