Regan Wolfrom does it again in this short thriller/horror story. 
Marie-Claire is a normal young woman, who like most of us has everything in life that she wants, except for one thing, she eats Vegans.  What is a vegan you ask?  Vegetarians!  Yes you read that correctly, she eats people.  People who are vegans and don’t want to live anymore.

 Marie-Claire was introduced to cannibalism shortly after her parents went to New Guinea.  They saw the Korowai tribe eat the forbidden long-pig.  They wanted to try it so they started doing the same.  That is why she chose the career as an End of Life Counselor.  She eats people who want to die.  But she is choosy.  She only eats the ones who are vegetarians.  

Meet Eleanor.  She is a young vegan who knows about Marie-Claire.  Astocker I would say.  It seems that every time Marie-Claire finds a potential meal, Eleanor is there to stop her.  

Meet Michael, an undercover FDA agent.  He rescues Marie-Claire; they fall in love, and so on.  She introduces him to cannibalism while dating.  You will have to read the book to find out how it ends.

It was very intriguing to me to think like he does when reading this book.  I never thought that a story about Cannibalism would be funny.  I am not going to include any more about the story due to its graphic nature, and spoilers.  This story would have been better if it had been a little bit longer and the story started out telling about the girl in the first chapter.  

I really enjoyed this short story.  It was well written with very few flaws.  Well actually I didn't find any other than the part about the girl in the first chapter.  Other than that one particular flaw, I really enjoyed it. 

*If the rest of his stories are as good as this one, I wonder if he would publish a book of short stories.  Just a thought!

I give this book a 4 out of 5

 About the Author

 Regan Wolfrom is a short story
author who has also written several short stories.  
He has an upcoming novel After the Fires Went Out.

 FCC DISCLOSURE:  I received this book in exchange for a review from the Author Regan Wolfrom, via www.librarything.com member giveaway program.  The review is based solely on my opinions and my own judgment. 


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